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Walk into a dating app like your favorite bar

Where meeting people, fun, and comfort intersect!

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Isolated and Amongst Strangers

Dating apps rush you and your friends to sign up, keep you isolated from each other, then cast you into a virtual bar of strangers to fend for yourself

Comfort among Friends

In real life, we meet people where we hang out and with the support of social circles as our wingmen, advisors, protectors and our biggest fans.

Meet New People and Introduce Your Friends

Meet New People and Introduce Your Friends

You can always find that special person on your own, but now the stronger your network the more work they can do for you!

Make New Friends

Head to “Social” to meet new people by joining groups or host your own event and invite your friends

Make New Friends

Privacy is a Priority

Put up the velvet rope for that special person or a group of friends. Whether it is a party for 2 or 20, sometimes we want the VIP section to ourselves.

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